and Club Rules
LBAC is an open club, there are no restrictions on membership. You may buy club membership wherever you live. Membership is sold through a number of club agents, usually fishing tackle shops in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. You may also join by sending a cheque (made out to Leighton Buzzard Angling Club) for the correct fee to our Membership Secretary. Club membership is from June 1st - May 31st. New members buying a membership during May are able to fish before June 1st of that year until May 31st of the following year.

Cheques will be processed through the banking system and cleared before we send out any membership books. This only applies if you are applying for membership by post. Our agents will only accept cash, no cheques or card payments.

Payments can be sent to :  Mr J Stimpson, LBAC Treasurer, 3 Insall Close, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Please note that LBAC DO NOT sell day tickets for any of their waters.

Club membership Fees 2017/2018




  40 20


Tiddenfoot night pass  50

Club Agents 2017/2018

Andy's Angling Browns of Leighton Buzzard J & K Angling The Tackle Hub Quills Printers
19 High Street Grovebury Road 62-64 Sheep Street 21 Victoria Road  
Shefford Leighton Buzzard Bicester Bletchley Leighton Buzzard
01462 850061 01525 372062 01869 242589 01908 374400 01525 372249
  Browns of Haddenham Gon-Fishin The Tackle Shack  
  Thame Road 26 Church Street 4 The Queens Square  
  Haddenham Wolverton Hemel Hempstead  
  01844 292000 01908 313158 01442 262368  
Club members are expected to obey the club rules.

LBAC Club Rules 2017/18Leighton Buzzard Angling Club is a Company limited by guarantee with its headquarters at Leighton Buzzard.

Members are provided with this booklet as proof of membership. The member's full name, address and club agent must be clearly recorded. You must sign the front of the booklet indicating your agreement to the rules.

Members failing to observe the club rules may be called before the committee. The disciplinary procedures are explained in this booklet.

Members have the right to request any other angler on a club water to produce a valid club membership booklet.

Membership is not transferable and is for a period of twelve months, expiring on the 31st May.

Club booklets must be carried when fishing club waters and produced on demand.

Club bailiffs and officials hold a warrant card which they must produce as evidence of their authority to challenge anglers fishing club waters.

Persons found taking fish from club waters will be prosecuted. All fish must be returned unharmed to the water.

All members must be aware of and obey the Environmental Agency fishing rules.

Specimen fish may only be retained for weighing and photography. Carp may only be kept in a suitable carp sack for photography purposes. Catfish may only be retained in a tube or similar device if they are to be photographed. Members must ensure that all captured fish are treated with respect and not harmed.

Members must respect the environment. No dogs are to be taken onto club waters. Crops must not be damaged. Camping tents may not be erected. Firearms or other weapons may not be taken onto club waters. No fires may be started. Self contained cooking apparatus is allowed if adequate safety precautions are taken.

Catapults may be used for depositing bait in your own swim, they must not be used as a weapon.

Members are responsible for any litter in their swim. At the discretion of a club bailiff members found with litter in their swim may be reported to the club committee, your membership may be removed. You must keep your litter in a bag, ready for removal when you leave.

All Club members intending to participate in Club or Inter Club matches should produce their membership booklet and a valid rod licence when requested to do so.

No juniors are to fish Tiddenfoot Pit without the supervision of an Adult Club member. Junior members and anglers less than 18 years of age may not night fish Tiddenfoot Pit.

A junior member is allowed to fish Rackley Hills Lake if accompanied by a responsible adult member. Only one junior per adult is allowed.

Rackley Hills lake may not be fished at night from April 1st to 15th October unless a written invitation and permission is given by the club committee. Members without permission to night fish must arrive at the Claydon arrival time, fishing to TWO HOURS  BEFORE the Claydon departure time.

No treble hooks or multiple hook rigs may be used on club waters containing catfish. All lures or spinners must be used with a single hook, no trebles or multiple hooks are allowed on lures or spinners on catfish waters. On other waters a one hook, a single or treble may be used.

Club matches will be fished to NFA rules, subject to amendment by the committee.

Members must acquaint themselves with the Club match programme. The programme is available on this website.

Night fishing is not allowed at Claydon Lakes. Times for arrival and departure are printed at the back of this booklet. Club members found to be fishing outside of the stated times will be automatically barred from club membership and may face prosecution. Keep nets may not be used with the exception of an official club match.

No live fish may be taken onto Club waters. Live fish baits or dead freshwater fish may not be used at Claydon. EA rules forbid the movement of live fish between waters.

No boats are to be used on Club waters, except in extraordinary circumstances where the verbal permission of a club officer may be given. Bait boats may not be used.

Anglers fishing Tiddenfoot lake may leave their tackle (baits out of the water and at their own risk) for a maximum of 2 hours in any 24 hour period.

Club members fishing Tiddenfoot lake may fish for a maximum of four nights in any seven day period, then they must leave the water, with their tackle, for 72 hours and may not return within that time period.

Club members fishing Tiddenfoot lake during the night must be in possession of a night fishing permit. Anglers under 18 may not night fish at Tiddenfoot. See the Tiddenfoot pages for further details.

Anglers fishing Tiddenfoot lake for catfish or carp must use a line of 15lb breaking strain or greater. All leads must be able to be unclipped. No lead core, with or without lead insert, is to be used. Club officers have the right to inspect tackle used by a member. Refusal will result in the angler being asked to leave the water.

Only 3 rods and one bivvy, or angling shelter, will be allowed per swim at Tiddenfoot. If two anglers share a swim the rule still applies, only three rods may be used.

Club members fishing Rackley Hills lake for catfish must use a line of minimum 18lb breaking strain.  Rods of 3lb test curve or more, a minimum 50 inch landing net and large unhooking mat must be used. Club officers have the right to inspect tackle used by a member. You may be asked to leave the water if your tackle is inappropriate.

Anglers fishing for catfish or carp must use a large padded unhooking mat, an unhooking mat must be used for all species of specimen fish.

Club members may use up to three fishing rods on club waters with the exception of Claydon and the River Ouzel, where two rods is the maximum allowed. Club members must have the appropriate licences for the rods they use and keep lines in their own swim.

No bankside changes or work may be carried out on any club water without the permission of the club committee.

Bottles and tins must be kept inside a bivvy or out of view. Take ALL litter home with you. Keep empty containers and litter in a bag out of view.

Crayfish may not be used as bait on any club water. Any captured signal crayfish must not be returned to the water. This is an Environmental Agency rule.

The club reserves the right to refuse membership.

Anglers fishing lakes may not retain fish in a keepnet unless they are part of an official club fishing match. Keepnets may be used on the River Ouzel. Fish must be returned to the water promptly and safely. Handle all fish with care.

Anglers fishing under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the water for their own safety and that of others. Disciplinary action will be taken at a later date following the club procedures.