Send your catch reports to LBAC by email. If you have a photo of your catch attach it to your email. (

Coronavirus rules

We will be asking members to follow the coronavirus rules below. Any member failing to follow the rules or behaving inappropriately will have their membership book removed and a disciplinary procedure started, you will be at risk of a ban from membership if you break our coronvirus rules. You will especially be at risk of a ban if you are abusive, aggressive or unwilling to follow instruction from one of our club officers. Be patient, be calm, waters will be very busy. Swims will be in great demand.

Coronavirus rules and guidance for club members.

Only travel alone or with a one family member to our waters.

Only one person per swim or one famiuly member over 15.

Two family members under 15 may accompany you. They must stay in your swim.

Stay 15 metres from other swims where anglers are fishing whenever possible.

Stay 2 metres from other people at all times.

No socialising in swims is allowed. The one angler per swim rule applies here.

If a club officer wants to check your membership booklet please open it to the member details page.

Ensure your membership details can be seen by the club official. The club official will not touch your book.

Carry hand sanitizer with you. If you touch gates or locks ensure you thoroughly clean your hands.

Be patient and polite. There may be a shortage of swims on some waters.

Check our website and Facebook pages for updates. Some waters may remain closed.

Stay safe, be patient, obey the rules.

Rackley stocking
Rackley has been stocked with roach and some perch.  About 5000 small roach in the 4 to 5 inch range have been stocked into Rackley. Later this year we hope to stock new carp in the 5lb to 12lb weight range.
2020 AGM
Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak we have decided to postpone the club AGM on Tuesday 21st April, 2020. If possible we will organise the AGM later this year.
New rule : Bivvies cannot be used at Claydon, this is a request from the Claydon estate and will be a rule in our new membership book for 2019/2020. You may use a fishing umbrella at Claydon when necessary. It has also been noted that some anglers have abused the leaving times at Claydon. Failure to leave on time, to be on the estate grounds after the time in the membership book, will result in membership being removed for a minimum of one year, longer for serious infringement of the leaving time rule.
New rule : From June 1st 2019 all members must display their membership booklets when fishing at Claydon lakes. Estate officials and LBAC bailiffs must be able to see a current, valid membership booklet displayed in a position making it easily seen.

Also please note again that anglers found to be on the estate grounds after the times clearly stated at the back of the membership book will have their LBAC membership removed and be banned from club membership.

Please note that Claydon Lakes open to LBAC members on June 1st.

Tiddenfoot continues to produce large carp and catfish. See the photos page for pictures of some stunning carp. Carp to 44lb have been caught recently. Recent events when an area of acid grassland was damaged by an angler have highlighted the need for our members to understand fully that ANY changes, digging, step making or cutting cannot take place at Tiddenfoot. Our club rules make it clear that anglers may not carry out any changes or bankside work on any of our waters. LBAC will ban any member who disregards this important rule. Also our bailiffs at Tiddenfoot have been instructed to report any disruptive or inappropriate behaviour on behalf of any club member to the committee. Action will be taken against the few anglers who cannot behave appropriately.

If you are fishing at night you must have a valid night pass in your membership book. Anglers who do not have a passport style photograph of themselves on the night pass page will be asked to leave the water. The membership clearly states that a night pass without a photograph is not valid. Also please read the Tiddenfoot night fishing page, become familiar with the rules and use appropriate tackle for the large catfish and carp in the water.

Rackley Hills
Catfish to 60lb have been caught recently. Anglers fishing for catfish during the daytime have been successful. Please note the club rule concerning using appropriate tackle. Ensure you have adequate strength line, a rod capable of handling large catfish and a landing net capable of containing the fish you hook. A large fish mat is needed, also a weight sling suitable for catfish.