Open June 16th - March 15th

Turner's lake Video




A small lake close to the River Ouzel

Turner's lake was dug a number of years ago and is now open for our members to fish. This small lake is shallow and easy to access. It is perfect for young anglers, being safe and stocked with smaller fish. The lake contains small carp, roach, rudd, bream, perch, gudgeon and some koi. This lake is easily accessed but well tucked away in fields by the River Ouzel. The lake will provide sport for those who want to spend a few hours catching smaller fish in quiet, safe surroundings.

Access is through the Rectory Farm industrial area. If you fish the Ouzel on section A you will know the lake well. Drive through the industrial area and to the right along the track at the side of the field. Turn left  and down the track to the safe, fenced parking area. See the Ouzel map for further details of how to find the Rectory Farm industrial area.